Newsies Rehearsal

Hello Cast & Crew,

We are using Google Calendar again this year to keep you up to date on the rehearsal schedule. Please subscribe to this calendar and put it on your smartphone, so you can stay up to date the moment we make changes.

Please keep in mind that we try to stick to the “two weeks in advance” schedule without making too many changes.  However, theatre is a very fluid art and as we move forward we will have to adjust the calendar as necessary.  Especially if we have to deal with unfortunate weather….

THE SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE… Please check frequently!

The Schedule can also be seen in TEXT Format Here:

Newsies Rehearsal Schedule 1.1

Here are the spreadsheets that dictate which scenes and songs you are in.


Here is the Google Calendar:  (Click on Music/Dance/Blocking Rehearsal for Details on which songs/pages we are rehearsing)