Into the Woods Auditions


All of the below information is also included in the Standard Production Packet which is currently “under construction” and will be handed out to students at the Into the Woods interest meeting on Friday, November 18th from 2:30-3:30pm in the Auditorium.



          Pre-Audition Music Rehearsals:
              Monday, November 28th @ 3:30pm-6:30pm in G103
Wednesday, November 30th @ 3:30pm-6:30pm in G103

            *This is where you will learn the pre-set audition songs.  In a group, you will learn and practice specific songs that you will sing solo at auditions.

FEMALES: “It Takes Two”, “Stay with Me”, & “I Know Things Now”
& Rapunzel’s “Ah’s”(to be used only at Callbacks)

MALES: “Agony” & “It Takes Two”

*Girls & Boys will choose ONE song to sing at auditions but may be asked to sing ANY of the songs at callbacks.

Link to Rehearsal Music:


Stay With Me – m. 23 to the end: starting at “Don’t you know what’s out there in the world” 

It Takes Two – m. 32 (pick-up to m. 33) to the end: starting at “You’ve changed, you’re thriving” (will be sung as a duet, duets chosen randomly)

I Know Things Now – m. 18 to the end: starting at “When he said come in'”

Agony  – from the beginning to m. 39: ending with “as what’s out of reach” (will be sung solo)


 All Auditions are “OPEN” and are in the auditorium.   Meaning everyone who is auditioning will sit QUIETLY in the front of the auditorium while others go up on stage and perform their audition. You are not required to stay after your audition.

Tuesday, December 6th 3:30-6:30pm—MONOLOGUE AUDITION in Auditorium

            * At the Audition, you will bring your Audition Form and signed contract to our Production/Stage Manager upon arrival.  You will be given a number which will be the order in which you will audition.

           *When your name/number is called you will take the stage, state your name, what monologue you are performing (where it’s from) and then perform your monologue.

*Monologues should be 1 minute in length and demonstrate high energy and/or a distinct characterization.  We are looking for the student’s ability to create a unique character that is not merely the student playing him/herself.


Anything from…

“Alice in Wonderland”, “Mean Girls”, “A Cinderella Story”, or “Into the Woods” And NO Shakespeare or other classical monologues. Do not play the character you want in the musical during your audition monologue, instead show us your range and acting “chops”.

No Accents please!

 Wednesday, December 7th 3:30-6:30pm—VOCAL AUDITION (AUD)

*Upon arrival, you will check in with the Production Manager.  You will perform in the SAME order as your Monologue audition.

* You will be called up to the stage by name/number.  When you are called you will take the stage, state your name, and what song you are singing. Wait for the music to play and then sing the selected portion of your pre-learned audition song.

*After your audition, you may leave if you like or rejoin the audience.

CALLBACKS—Friday, December 9th  2:45pm-FINISHED

*A Callback List will be posted online at on Wednesday evening.  Actors will be called back for the character(s) for which they will read for on Friday.  Your name might be under more than one character so be sure to look carefully.  If you are not on the callback list, you may still be in the musical as part of the ensemble or even a small featured role!

*Any time between 2:30 and 3:00 pm you will report to the auditorium and check in with the Production Manager who will provide you with sides for the character(s) you will be reading for.

*Be prepared to sing the song for the character for which you have been called back.

*Here you MUST give it your all.  Impress us.  Show us the best [insert character] ever.  Give us everything you’ve got.  Sing and act at the same time! You may be asked to read multiple times with multiple different people or you may be asked to only read once.  So make it count every time.

*Singing poorly at one character’s song or reading without effort during callbacks because you would rather be another character reflects poorly on your commitment to the show and may result in your being dismissed from Callbacks and/or not cast at all.

*You may or may not be asked to sing but be prepared to sing over and over again.  Bring a bottle of water.

*You may not leave until we have dismissed you.

The Cast list will be posted online when it is ready. You must email the Production/Stage Manager to accept your role.  Even those in the ensemble must email the production manager.

How to Prepare for the Audition

Your monologue is a key component of your audition.  Well in advance of the audition, you should select and prepare your monologue.  You may choose a monologue from a monologue book, or from a published play (recommended).  When selecting and preparing audition material please keep the following in mind:

  • Monologue should be age/character appropriate
  • READ the play, or at least be familiar with the story
  • Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!
  • We are looking for bold, creative and honest choices that are supported by the text
  • A monologue is a speech from a play where one character is talking to themselves or other characters for a period of time. If a character interrupts the speech you can usually skip their interjection and continue the monologue.

Your vocal audition is equally if not more important.  You should also rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!  Bring a bottle of water and take a few diaphragmatic breaths before you perform to calm the “shaky nervous voice” syndrome.  Remember to ACT while you sing.  We are looking for actors who can emote as well as actors with great voices.  Having a beautiful voice is not enough to get a role.  You must demonstrate that you can ACT while you sing.

What Else to Bring to the Audition

On the day of your audition remember to bring:

  • Your most professional, enthusiastic, and creative self
  • A Theatrical Resume if you have one
  • The Audition Form and Signed Contract
  • A positive attitude

What to Expect During the Audition

Remember that the audition panel is on your side.  They will be looking for your best qualities.  All of them have gone through the audition process and they understand how nerve wracking the process can be.  So relax and do your best.  Also, the best way to combat nerves is to be prepared.


In the student production packet, our policy on favoritism and pre-casting is listed.  It says:

Favoritism and Pre-Casting Policy:

Under no circumstances does the Century High School drama program play favorites or pre-cast any productions. It is our philosophy that every child, whether they are new to the program or a seasoned veteran, has a place in the CHS drama program.

Students are cast or placed based on their audition and ability to work well with others. Casting and placement decisions are not determined by what a student has done for the CHS drama program in the past. Casting and placement decisions are also not determined by what a student has done for any other arts education/community theatre organization in the past. An audition is a clean slate for all students and we truly do our best to ensure that every child has a place in the CHS drama program.

This policy is strictly enforced. The decisions are made by a panel of directors from a detailed audition rubric.  Students may request a conference with the director to discuss how they can improve their audition practices.

Here in Century Drama our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and FUN environment where students have the opportunity to learn about all that theatre has to offer, as well as the many valuable life lessons learned along the way, while putting on outstanding professional quality shows.

One of the core values we teach in the Drama program is professionalism.  We hold our students to very high standards and expect professionalism throughout.  You will see this in our production and performance value and hopefully it will rub off on you as well.

“Fair” is a word that means something different to everyone. We have found that the only way to be truly “fair” while maintaining our values is to cast based on the “clean slate” concept. Our goal is always to create the best show possible while casting students who are directable and who work well with others.  We hold true to our policy as we strive to create the best possible show with the best possible cast as any professional theatre would do.

As always, we do offer a variety of ways for student performance improvement.  Every time a student is in a show, they grow.  Just by being in a show, students learn various performance qualities and methods of acting/singing/dancing etc.  For each show, we hold character development rehearsals for every actor, not just the leads.  We cast understudies in order to get some one-on-one time with upcoming actors.  Students in these roles are expected to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.  This requires a lot of work and preparation and these students grow very quickly because they are learning from the best.  In many cases, their “over-study” acts as a student mentor.  Students are encouraged to take Drama Classes.  While it is not a pre-requisite to being a lead, in definitely helps.  There are no small parts.  Each part is unique and vital to the performance and someone is always watching you on-stage.  The ensemble is perhaps the most important aspect to a successful show and we spend a lot of time building a fabulous ensemble with energy and character.  It is also often more fun to be in the ensemble with everyone than be alone or in a small group as a lead.  It is all in how you look at your role.  As we said, everyone has a role to play at CHS drama, and while you may never be a lead, you are in no way any less vital to our production and our club.

Any comments, questions, or concerns should be directed to Mr. Hewitt at

Break a leg!