TRAUMEDY: A One-Act Festival

Come see the Student Directed One-Act Plays!

Show dates are:

Thursday, November 8th @ 7pm
Friday, November 9th @ 7pm
Saturday, November 10th @ 7pm
Friday, November 16th @ 7pm
Saturday, November 17th @ 2pm & 7pm

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE or at the door for $10 each.

Seating is limited as we will be performing this show in a more intimate setting with the audience seated on the stage surrounding the actors on three sides.  Purchasing tickets in advance and arriving early are highly recommended.

Here are the titles and descriptions:

Feed the Whales: The Saga of the Boy Band Oreo by Don Zolidis—Directed by Bradley Naylon and Hailey Daniels

“With only two weeks to create a new act for the annual Feed the Whales festival, conniving tour promoter Dr. Bliss strikes upon the easiest band of all to create: a boy band. Unfortunately, putting together a boy band in a town where there don’t seem to be any boys is a real problem, and their band consists of a confused plumber, the son of Menudo cast-off, a girl with a fake goatee, and an escaped patient from a mental hospital named Shud who may or may not have burned it down, but is probably a cannibal. Will the newly christened Oreo become a hit? Will Shud eat someone before opening night? A wild and crazy comedy with smooth dance moves and crisp vocals.”

Surviving Lunch by KT Curran—Directed by Beth Malinoski and Maddy Leonard

“Delia, a teenage girl from New York City, moves to a small town after her father (a teacher) is killed in a school shooting. In her new high school, Delia is immediately faced with putdowns from the snooty, rich girls and handsome jocks who rule the hallways. Feeling like an outcast, Delia struggles to overcome her grief and start a new life. When she notices a boy repeatedly being bullied, she is determined to try to help. In the process, she discovers the healing power of friendship. Surviving Lunch has been presented to thousands of middle- and high-school students by the national SOURCE Theatre Company of Sarasota, Florida. The play has evoked extensive post-show discussions and evaluations and is highly praised by teachers, administrators and students.”

WARNING: This play contains mature themes and mild language and may not be suitable for elementary school children.

368 Friends by Bradley Walton—Directed by Andrew Fleming

“Laura is shy, quiet and awkward, with no real social life. But online, she has 368 friends. People who care enough to share their lives with her. And that’s all Laura needs. At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself. But as time goes on, she has more and more trouble believing it. After her posts about depression go unanswered, Laura announces to her 368 friends that she plans to kill herself, and waits to see if any of them will try to stop her.”

Things Fall (Meanwhile) by Barton Bishop—Directed by Anna White

“When musical prodigy Meg Meadows accidentally drops an air-conditioning unit out of her window, crushing someone on the street below, she loses the ability to hear music. Meanwhile, after Keb’s brother is killed by a falling air-conditioner in the middle of their street-dance routine, Keb loses his grasp of language and begins speaking gibberish. Meanwhile, Emily Piper, in a fit of rage, accidentally throws a javelin over a mountain range. Meanwhile, Herman, on a stroll in the woods, is suddenly nailed to a tree by a flying javelin. Paramedics say he’ll be fine, but he’s going to have to spend the rest of his life nailed to his tree. Lives and stories collide to create a truly unique and mesmerizing tale.”